Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Santa Fe Brewing Company Saison 88

Walking down the beer section of a local liquor store, I decided to build my own six pack. I like doing this so I don't have to choose between two six packs and chance six beers that are not necessarily my favorite.

While putting together the six pack, I saw a can with New Mexico's red sun from the state flag radiating over a mountain range. Around the bottom of the can read Saison 88, 25th Anniversary Ale. I decided to take a chance on the can as there has been a stigma against canned beer. The quality of canned beer is perceived to be lower than a bottled beer. So I took the beer home to review.

The time came for me to try the Saison 88. As I mentioned in my Lolita review, a saison is also known as a farmhouse ale. I opened the beer and poured it into a glass. Immediately I noticed that the beer had a light coloring, and a medium amount of head. I could smell the hops and the subtle citrus. This beer had light body to it and was light on the tongue. What the ale didn't have in body, it made up for in taste in a good way. Not overwhelmingly so as this beer had a good flavor with citrus from the hops and yeast used to brew and ferment the beer.

The Santa Fe Saison is a good beer if you want a lighter beer on a summer afternoon or if you just want something crisp to relax with. I feel this beer is a great example of a good canned beer, contrary to the popular belief about canned beer.

I give this beer an 8 out of 10.

Santa Fe Brewing Company is a growing company out of Santa Fe, New Mexico that started in 1988 hailing back to pre-prohibition roots. The brewery, by the same name in 1896, fell victim to industrialization and big beer pushing them out of the market. The current incarnation of Santa Fe Brewing Company is continuing to grow and connect with craft beer drinkers. An interesting event they do every week, Small Batch Saturday. The brewery invites local home brewers to collaborate with them to make 10 gallon batches that could even be featured in their tasting room or in bottles in stores.

Researching this beer has made me want to look more into different styles of hops, grains, and yeast to see their effect on the outcome of the beer as they are used during the brewing process.

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